Dr. ing. Pieter Colpaert

Work experience


Selection of top papers

Involved in these projects

NamePeriodDescription and impact
Westtoer tourism2012Westtoer advanced The DataTank. Tourism Open Data portal created http://datahub.westtoer.be
An experimental data publishing platform for ewi2012–2013Advanced The DataTank with a connection to the popular ckan, created the dcat-ap extension. Shaped the current features of The DataTank
Apps for Europe2012–2014Advanced The DataTank and was the first project to bring together various ... Apps for Ghent is still organized each year
Open Transport Net2014–2016A project on dcat, data portals and Open Transport Data.
Flemish Innovation Study for its.be2014–2017Setting up a data portal and advancing the datex2 specification towards a Linked Data ontology
An open data vision for the Department of Mobility and Public Works2015A first project to methodologically raise the impact and interoperability of datasets to be published at the Flemish government.
Local Decisions as Linked Data (LBLOD)2016Publishing local council decisions as Linked Data for administrative simplification.
The oasis team2016–2018Sharing experience between Ghent and Madrid on publishing Linked Data about public services and transport data.
Smart Roeselare2017Supporting the City of Roeselare with their Smart City vision to make more reuse of their data.
Raising the reuse of datasets maintained by the Flemish institute for the Sea2016–2017Towards an Open Sea Data innovation lab by making their data used and useful.
Smart Flanders2017–2020Supporting the 13 Flemish center cities and Brussels to publish real-time open data.
Open Planner Team2018–2019Building a client-side route planner by publishing Open Data as Linked Data Fragments.
City of Things VLAIO projects2018–2019Supporting 21 smart city projects by cities in Flanders.
OVAM Symbiose2018–2019Assisting OVAM with data reuse and the information architecture of their Web API.

Academic involvement

As a researcher I am involved in the domains of Open Data, Semantic Web, Linked Data, Smart Cities and Transport data.

I also review papers for multiple conferences and workshops:

I currently supervise 3 PhD students:

Next to these 3 PhD students I supervise yearly up to 12 master thesis students to research a problem in the field of Linked Open Data Interfaces.

I also teach guest lectures on Web APIs and Open Data in the courses of: Ruben Verborgh (UGent), Sofie Van Hoecke (UGent), Pierre Deville (Solvay Business School) and Syntra West.

Public speaking

Open-source software contributions


I am a board member of the Belgian chapter of Open Knowledge. I co-founded the organization in 2012 to push for more Open Data. I started the yearly Open Belgium conference, started Open Data ideation events like Apps for Ghent. Because we wanted to go further than just ideas, in 2011 I started open Summer of code. Today it attracts over 100 students and coaches and is also organized in Spain. I still love the concept and participate as both a coach and client in the program. I get most of my energy from inspiring and enthusing these students.

Next to being a board member of the organization I still maintain the iRail codebase and its servers. Its goal is to republish data in an easy way for developers to create apps that can foster better lives for commuters in Belgium.

I also have other non-relevant to this CV hobbies such as cooking, playing the guitar, being a father, and so forth.